Yenkassa means “Let’s Speak” in Twi, Akan language widely widely in West Africa. Yenkassa is a collaborative storytelling platform that seeks to preserve histories, customs, and traditions that would otherwise have been lost to the demise of oral storytelling traditions from Sub-Saharan Africa. Stories (video, audio, photographs, etc.) collected from the older generation is shared with the youth with the goal to create a global learning experience that encourages cross-cultural learning and inclusiveness. 

Genesis/Heritage Series

Life Series

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Understanding Ghana

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Yenkassa's Mission

Collect Stories

Collect and preserve content of historical value from older generation Sub-Saharan Africans.


Share content with the younger generation, content producers, and researchers worldwide.


Bridge historical gaps and create a network of cross-cultural learners.

Until the lion learns how to tell his own stories, the hunter will always be the victor. _Ashanti Proverb

Share Your Story!

Share your Ghana-themed personal stories, histories, folktales (Ananse stories, urban legend), proverbs, riddles, etc. It could be a video, photograph or in words. 

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